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Robert P.

Robert Powell

I was terrified to go through a recruiter as my past experiences with some were not pleasant (i.e., being blown off or talking to one that was trying to have me apply for a job within 5 minutes of talking to the recruiter BEFORE they even asked what I wanted to do). This could not be farther from the truth when working with John. He was extremely patient, level-headed, helpful, and down to earth in terms of trying to find a role that would best suit me. He made himself readily available and went the extra mile by having more detailed conversations on what I wanted out of life and what got me ticking. I was also extremely impressed that John again went the extra mile by helping me prepare for my interviews (i.e., what questions to expect, who I would be meeting and what they were like, etc.). All that being said, the thing that resonated with me the most with John was the fact that he checked in with me even several months later just to make sure things were okay. He genuinely cares about his clients and sees them as a person and wants to do all he can to set them up on a path to success vs just trying to fulfill positions that he is aware of. I am greatly appreciative that I was able to work with John and I would 100% recommend him to anyone that wants to take that extra step with seeking out a recruiter. One of the best in the game!


Koji Bratcher
Helios Consulting

John Borrowman was instrumental in helping me land a new role early in my BV career. Twelve years later, when a friend/former co-worker/acquaintance in the industry asks me for advice on where to go next in their valuation career, I have two words: John Borrowman. He provides a straightforward, pressure-free perspective from his long-time focus on the BV industry and takes a white glove approach to his candidates (even those who are just getting started in their careers). Between the interview advice, thoughts around personal considerations for taking on a new role, and his pulse on industry compensation, John was an invaluable resource who helped me to make an informed decision that has had a lasting impact on where I am today. If you’re looking for a new role, John is the first call you should be making (and will likely be the last)!


Doug Knapp
Valuation Analyst, Internal Revenue Service

I always thought if the time came for me to switch employers in this industry, I would be fine, just reach out to colleagues in my network.  Though it was somewhat helpful, no results.  I met John Borrowman nearly a decade ago but at the time, I was comfortable.  Little did I know how important that meeting would become.  Fast forward to 2020, around the peak of pandemic uncertainty, when John and I reconnected.  The opportunity he presented comes once in a lifetime, and he was there every step of the way.  John is the perfect advocate and hands on throughout the process.  Moral of the story, don’t go at it alone, call in the professionals, and you only need one, John Borrowman.


Dan Guderjohn
Valuation Advisor to Private Companies

My advice to any BV professional: call John. He is extremely connected within the industry and knowledgeable about the BV profession, having specialized in this niche for over 20 years. Even if you’re not actively looking for the next opportunity, John is ready and willing to offer his career insights and advice. He is a wonderful resource that should not be overlooked!


Matt Jensen
ASA; Sr. Manager, Coker Group

John Borrowman is the go-to person for those looking for valuation-related opportunities. He knows the people within the valuation field better than anyone I have met. John recently helped me find an incredible opportunity, and he provides a smooth and excellent experience. He took the time to thoroughly understand me and my goals and aspirations first. Then he identified opportunities that would help me meet my priorities and fit my personality and experience. At every step in the interview and acceptance process, John provided deep insights and assisted significantly in my preparation efforts. John has been a great mentor, and I highly recommend him.


Holly Rook
Business Valuation Leader, Adams Brown

As a consultant to Business Valuation professionals, John provides exceptional feedback to help you get where you want to go. Whether that is changing employers, working toward a promotion or to provide insight into compensation ranges in your particular market. In fact, he recently acted as a sounding board regarding some ideas to differentiate myself from my competitors. Thanks John for letting me lean on your expertise as a consultant to other BV consultants!

Hibble, Adam

Adam Hibble
Vice-President, Teknos Associates

John Borrowman has walked me through two significant career adjustments in the last ten years. His depth and breadth of knowledge of the Valuation sector is extensive, yet his attention to long-term goals and opportunities is what sets him far apart from other specialists. He has an uncanny knack for asking the right questions to determine the best set of opportunities or if a course change is required. He continues to be a great counsel and a valued member of my team.


Josh Downey
Sr. Manager, KatzAbosch

John’s forthright perspective is quite rare. He’s an attentive listener, and has been available for general guidance on multiple occasions (not just for new job opportunities). I highly encourage any business valuation professionals to open a dialogue with John—you’ll likely be glad you did. Old school professionalism at its finest.


Grant Kramer
Sr. Valuation Analyst, Brady Ware Arpeggio

Few recruiters and consultants truly grasp the nuances of the BVFLS industry, and even fewer specialize in it. John’s guidance on my career progression and his deep understanding of the marketplace were incredibly insightful. His empathy towards my general position and his genuine interest in my professional journey were easily noticed and appreciated. When it comes to seeking invaluable career and job market advice in the BVFLS industry, John Borrowman is the expert to call.


Josh Smith
Flagel Huber Flagel

John was wonderful to work with. His understanding of the employment landscape for valuation professionals was top notch. The questions he asked made it clear that he would know exactly the type and size of the firms that would be appropriate to approach during a search. His assessment of what would be accessible, and what would be out of reach, given my preferences, was spot on. Integrity and transparency are obvious cornerstones of his professional services.


Nancy Fannon Portrait

Nancy Fannon
CPA, ABV, ASA, MCBA; Advisory Practice National Leader, Marcum LLP (Retired)

Over the nine years I worked to establish my business valuation firm, John was a trusted and valuable sounding board.  He freely consulted with me not only on hiring and staffing, but was also a valuable resource as I thought strategically about the future of my firm.  John’s relationships in the business valuation community run deep, and when I decided I wanted to make a move to merge with another firm, I turned to John.  He knew exactly who would be the perfect match:  John put Meyers, Harrison & Pia and Fannon Valuation Group together (now a part of Marcum LLP). All these years later, I can attest he was right: it’s been a perfect match.


David Foster

John’s the leading search consultant serving the business valuation and related markets…he’s more connected with the profession than any one else, and has developed his own database of compensation standards, and skills assessments specific to our profession. Highly recommended.

Tim Meinhart Portrait

Tim Meinhart
ASA; Managing Director, Willamette Management Associates

John has provided recruiting services to our firm since the 1990s, and he and I have worked together on several placements over the years. I appreciate John’s ability to identify talent and his professionalism throughout the recruitment process. I would not hesitate to recommend John to anyone who is trying to identify, recruit, and hire talent in the business valuation space.

Rod Burkert Portrait

Rod Burkert
CPA, ABV, CVA; President, Burkert Valuation; Co-Founder, Practice Builder Academy

John is the leading search consultant for the business valuation community. That’s why we asked him to speak to the members of Practice Builder Academy about hiring and training BV professionals. Not only was he able to pass along different staffing strategies for growing a practice with new staff, his intimate knowledge of the industry allowed him to provide anecdotal insights about the state of the profession, which BV niches were doing well, and what areas of the country were hiring. His presentation was informative, entertaining, and well-received by Practice Builder Academy members.

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