John Borrowman, CPC
Borrowman Baker LLC
Gallatin, TN

Making presentations is a common way to generate business. But, sometimes your window of time isn’t what you’d like it to be. Can you really make an impact in 15 minutes, including Q&A?

15 minutes book cover

That’s the premise of the latest book from Joey Asher. Asher, President of Speechworks in Atlanta, contends that too many presentations ramble on, fail to make any points and ignore key audience concerns. The solution, he asserts, is to prepare a seven-minute, rifle shot presentation and allow the listeners to fill in the blanks and raise objections with Q&A.

No way, you say. That’s because you haven’t tried Asher’s recipe.

If you organize it carefully, he points out; you really can say a lot in seven minutes. Starting with your key business message as the foundation, move on to the three thoughts – or ‘bumper stickers’ – you want the audience to remember. Illustrate those points with examples and stories. Add a recap and a call to action, and you’re into Q&A.

Is it really as simple as that? No, of course not. “15 Minutes Including Q&A” takes you by the hand through a step-by-step explanation for developing your presentation. Asher includes plenty of examples to make his points, along with coaching tips to help you deliver a more powerful presentation.

He offers straightforward advice on handling questions: answer them as they arise. The surest route to a great presentation, he writes, is practice, practice and more practice … out loud!

Asher has taken a practice-what-you-preach approach in delivering a book that is a quick read with no fluff. Grab it for your next airport wait. HINT: It’s also just the ticket for helping your staff improve the presentations they make as they flex that business development muscle.

“15 Minutes Including Q&A” is available through the Speechworks bookstore.

John Borrowman