Hiring and retention are key issues for every manager and leader in a BV/LS Practice. This issue of our Business of Valuation e-newsletter offers useful guidance on both.


This is the time of year when some practices are interviewing and making offers to soon-to-be-minted grads. When those grads have other options, it can complicate your process. We suggest how to get the certainty you need. No matter what level you’re interviewing for, hiring can be a crapshoot. We have a smart hiring tool to help you improve your odds. Unrecognized employee burnout can drive your top performers away. Sarah LaFon writes about an interesting approach to tackling that problem. Converting a staffer from a “doer” to a “seller/doer” requires arming them with the soft-skills that you probably developed long ago. How to do that? Ellen Warden gives you some valuable suggestions.

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John Borrowman