Christine Baker
Member AICPA BV Subcommittee

Reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated
– Mark Twain

Valentine’s Day brought a letter to ABV holders from Bruce Harper, chair of AICPA’s National Accreditation Commission (NAC), announcing a fairly routine review of credentials similar to those completed annually since 1998. Alarm bells went off, however, and a number of ABV holders concluded that support for the ABV was in question.

Within a week, the speculation had been laid to rest. At a meeting of the AICPA BV Subcommittee, both volunteer leadership and senior staff emphasized the Institute’s commitment to continuing support for member in specialty disciplines such as business valuation, information technology and personal financial planning.

The BV Subcommittee returned to the work of its strategic planning initiative, narrowing their focus to those priorities identified as key in supporting the next twelve to eighteen months’ effort to move the ABV credential to a dominant position in the marketplace. Getting down to brass tacks, the Subcommittee committed to:

Meeting a May 2003 target for the second exposure of the draft standards

Strengthening and expanding training and education programs, such as Fundamentals of BV I & II, web casts, practice aids, and the ABV Review Course

Widening the public advocacy for the CPA/ABV credential that began with the January launch of the Institute’s national advertising campaign to the legal community.

Replicating highly successful events like the BV Conference, the Joint AICPA/AAML Conference and the Conference on Advanced Litigation Services and Fraud.

Being confident in the value of your ABV credential doesn’t mean becoming complacent about it. Your suggestions and concerns should be relayed to either the BV Subcommittee, or the BV Task Force. It’s not too early to mark your calendar for the 2003 BV Conference, November 16 – 18, at the Marriott Desert Ridge Resort & Spa, Phoenix. This conference has become the single most well attended business valuation conference in the profession – due in no small part to the continuing support of AICPA.