Whether you’re a new subscriber, or have been with us since we began three years ago, welcome to the first quarter issue of The Business of Valuation.  No one else offers the depth and breadth of industry perspective that we do.  Our commitment is that you get more value out of it than time you put into it.

With the growth in the valuation industry, finding and attracting good talent continues to be a topic of discussion wherever we go.  We’ve looked at this issue in three articles.  One addresses the problem of finding the hardest-to-find, “3 to 5 year” talent.  Another, a book review, suggests practical questions you can ask to improve the odds of hiring the best.  The third presents practical advice on one of the most critical steps in the hiring process – making an offer that gets a yes.  Finally, we introduce you to the expanded BV Benchmark Survey that begins April 1.

As always, we welcome your comments and suggestions for information that would be useful in your practice.

John Borrowman