We’re starting our eleventh year of this e-newsletter, delivering perspective on BV/Lit Support practice management that you will find nowhere else.

This issue deals with finding, hiring and retaining the talent you need in your practice. We show you how to attract better talent by avoiding the clichés that candidates hear from everyone else. We write about how you can grab that extra piece of data that will help you hire for a better “fit”. You’ve known what you’ve known for so long that it’s almost impossible to remember not knowing it. But that can be a pitfall in grooming and retaining top talent. We’ll explain. Finally, turning down your staffer’s pay raise request can put you in a tough spot. We’ll share tips for how to make it easier to handle.

We want you to get more out of this newsletter than the time you put into reading it. We welcome your comments and suggestions for information that would be useful in your practice. We also invite you to contribute material. Send us an email to: [email protected]

John Borrowman