Everyday we talk to BV professionals like you who find themselves grasping for ways to manage the explosion of business opportunities you face.  We’ve noticed there are plenty of published sources for the technical guidance you need in your assignments.  No one else, though, is bringing to you the perspective that we do about the business of valuation.

An interview with Parnell Black about the evolution of NACVA’s training curriculum is the third in our series about training in the BV industry.  Tim Brennan suggests how to articulate the standards for who you hire.  Read how Adams Capital looked at the hassle of an office move and saw a chance to increase productivity.  Gale Crosley writes about adding “The Research Call” to your rainmaker’s toolkit.  And, finally, we put a “don’t buy” on a widely touted business book.

As always, we invite your comments.  If there’s a topic you’d like to see covered, let us know.

John Borrowman