We’re into the final quarter of the year with the holidays around the corner.  Some of our readers will see work slow down.  Some will see it speed up.  For still others, it’s always a run-to-catch-up existence.

Two popular BV conferences are coming up back to back.  We’ll be at both and invite you to come by our booth for perspective on the staffing challenges you face.

In the meantime, we bring you news of some newly developed training for engagements involving intangible asset valuation.  Joey Asher suggests three fundamentals to win a new business pitch.  We introduce a new way to shift the odds in hiring through pre-employment testing.  Finally, we offer a conversation with Mike Mard on mitigating business risk in a valuation practice.  We’ll be returning to this topic with more articles next year.

We want you to get more out of this newsletter than the time you put into reading it.  We welcome your comments and suggestions for information that would be useful in your practice.  Send us an email.

John Borrowman