By John Borrowman, CPC
Borrowman Baker, LLC, BV Staffing + Consulting
Gallatin, TN

If you’ve ever quizzed other practitioners about appropriate salary ranges for hiring this or that level of talent, you’re familiar with that puzzled look that says, “no one really knows”. You can try to extrapolate from public accounting salary data, but you know you’re still not in the ballpark. Where can you turn?

The fog that ordinarily swirls around this topic is about to be cleared away by the first ever BV Employee Salary Survey. We’re convinced that being able to access reliable salary data for the BV/LS industry ranks pretty high on nearly everyone’s wish list.

The survey gathers and analyzes compensation-related data for employees engaged – both full- and part-time – in business valuation and litigation support. Additionally, data on the practice itself is being sought in order to provide further context for understanding the variables, such as practice size and location, that impact compensation levels. Publication of the survey is planned for April 1, 2004.

The survey will be conducted with the highest regard for your confidentiality. None of the information you provide will be presented in any way that might identify you or your firm. If you participate, your firm will receive a complimentary copy of the results. In order to maintain the integrity of the survey, no results will be distributed to individual employees.

When you log in, you will go to a specially-designed, secure section of our website. You may participate on-line, or download and print the survey for completion and return via fax. You will be asked to complete two basic sections: one with questions about your overall practice, the other with questions about each individual employee. No data will be requested regarding compensation for owners, partners or shareholders.

Anticipated publication date for results: April 1, 2004

John Borrowman