John Borrowman CPC
Borrowman Baker LLC
Gallatin, TN

Growing practices struggle with the question of when revenue will support adding that person, who, you know could make your life easier.  How many chargeable hours do you need to make that commitment?  As with other questions about managing a practice, unfortunately, the answer is: It depends.

One thing it depends on a lot is your own sense of confidence about the flow of engagements. Many a Practice Leader has made his case over and over about the need to get some help hired. After putting the pencil to the costs, however, and taking a second look at the pipeline, nearly as many take a more conservative view and absorb those hours onto whatever shoulders there are already.

If you’ve finally come to the conclusion that you’d better hire, the very burden that drove you to it can be your undoing. We’re talking about the “I’m so busy I need to hire somebody … but, I’m too busy to hire somebody” syndrome.

If you’ll notice, “Hire New Person” usually goes right onto the to-do list, along with everything else. And, like everything else, it bobs up and down on that list, depending on what comes along. Meanwhile, the workload doesn’t shift and you can get leverage.

The key is to put “Hire New Person” on it’s own to-do list. Why? Because it’s one of those catalytic actions that impact growth. Making it a separate priority is the best way to give it the attention it needs. Get it handled and see how many things start to clear up on your other to-do list.

John Borrowman