By John Borrowman, CPC
Borrowman Baker, LLC, BV Staffing + Consulting
Gallatin, TN

Am I doing this right?  Is there a better way?

Answering those questions about managing talent to build a practice just got a little easier.

Rapid growth, coupled with stiff competition for top talent, has meant that a progressive approach to your staff – your true assets, after all – has become a key ingredient of the most successful practices.

In a recent BVR Teleconference, now available on CD, a trio of professionals discussed a range of topics reaching far beyond the “Recruiting in the BV Profession” title.  They were Ron Seigneur, Partner with Seigneur Gustafson Knight LLP, and Jim Alerding and Megan Nail, Managing Partner and Human Resources Manager, respectively, from Clifton Gunderson.

You’ll find informative discussions of staffing models that range from independent contractors (listen for Alerding’s approach), to part-time BV people that you use from the audit/tax department (Ron’s experience is not uncommon), to the all-BV-all-the-time shop.  Megan Nail covers strategies for wooing and winning candidates that are de rigueur for the practice that wants to get on top and stay on top.

After 12 years spent watching business valuation develop, and consulting with employers about their staffing needs, I can’t recommend a better collection of ideas for how to do it right.  Or, do it better.

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John Borrowman