Charles Morris
President, Morris Investment Counsel
Atlanta, GA

A business valuation professional must be an effective communicator.  To have a successful practice, you are already doing a good job of communicating with clients and prospects.  But are you fully capitalizing on your skills by letting the business community in your market know of your knowledge, expertise and capabilities?

One simple, cost effective way to get more exposure to your target market is to be a resource to the press. The business news reporters at your local newspaper often need information and opinions on current issues. They need objective, knowledgeable and reliable resources to call to help them with their articles. If you can be one of those resources, you both will benefit.

Perhaps the best way to become a resource to the media is through a referral from a peer who is already on their list. But can you be more proactive? How about inviting a business news reporter from your local paper to speak to your ASA or CPA group? Such a meeting can be an excellent forum for reporters to introduce themselves and explain their needs, while you can introduce your organization and yourselves. The business newsperson may not realize the variety of disciplines and issues that business valuation people deal with, so they will come away from your group with an awareness of your activities and a valuable collection of business cards to use to tap the knowledge of local professionals.

Of course, your expertise must be matched with topics that are of interest and value to the public. When a local company is acquired or involved in a merger, readers are going to want to know about the transaction value, and what will be the effect on the local economy. Also, everyone is aware of the declining values in the stock market, but what is happening in the private market? Are values falling, and is this having an effect on expansion and hiring?

Regardless of your specific expertise in the BV world, some time during the year there will be a topic of public interest that you’ll be qualified to discuss. Get to know the news people in your area and be ready to help them when they call. This service could have the highest ROI of anything you do!