By John Borrowman, CPC
Borrowman Baker, LLC, BV Staffing + Consulting
Gallatin, TN

“I’m so busy, I need to hire somebody.”

“But, I’m too busy to hire somebody!”

Sound familiar?

The majority of valuation practices are too small to have a full-time HR person (never mind an actual department) to help manage the hiring process.  That means yet one more thing to ad to your already overflowing plate.

So, “hire new staff person” gets put on your to-do list.  Along with everything else.  Then, like everything else, it moves up and down on that list, depending on the press of other priorities: the report you need to complete to meet a court deadline, the call you need to return from a top referral source, the client who wants your help in putting a sales price on his business.

And, because “hire new staff person” is, at best, only indirectly connected to revenue (and because it’s probably among your least favorite things to do, anyway) it’s easy to let it slip lower and lower on the list, until it almost disappears altogether.

There is one thing you can do.

Try setting up “hire new staff person” as a separate to-do list.  Itemize the steps you know you have to complete.  Be attentive to the list and do one thing from the list every day.  Before you know it, you will have your new staff person hired.  When you do, you’ll have the support you need to help you tackle those items on your regular to-do list.

John Borrowman