Sarah Weber
Madison, WI

There are very few BV practices for which price sensitivity is not an issue.  Those that find a way to incorporate lower-cost, early career professionals can have a competitive advantage going forward. gives you unique access to that pool.

Even if your practice was in a position to absorb, train and make use of an early career professional, the process of finding one could be clumsy and time-consuming.  And if you opened your doors very wide at all, you found yourself drinking from a fire hose of resumes. is an online filter that lets you connect with talent who are seeking the sort of opportunity you have.  You tell them about it in a Career Profile that will take less than 30 minutes to complete.  1stGiG’s matching technology handles the screening for you.  Their campus rep program, social media, and corporate marketing efforts open doors on campuses that were previously outside your reach.

The talent base in 1stGiG includes students looking for internships, recent graduates, and graduates with 1-3 years of experience. Unlimited access to the 1stGiG system is normally priced at $350.

BV is finding its way into the curriculum of more and more undergrad programs.  That means early career professionals may be more prepared than you think.  1stGiG can help you tap that resource to help you stay profitable and competitive.

Weber, Sarah
Sarah Weber