By John Borrowman, CPC
Borrowman Baker, LLC, BV Staffing + Consulting
Gallatin, TN

Have you heard of Practice Builder Academy™? It’s a 12-month mentoring/coaching program that helps BVFLS professionals build a practice in today’s digitally connected economy with proven strategies and tactics and common-sense tools.

The core training of PBA focuses on the 3 Phases of Practice Prominence™: Foundation (who are you and what do you do), Communication (spreading the word about what you do in multiple channels), and Amplification (creating alternative/multiple revenue streams).

The co-founders of PBA are Mel Abraham and Rod Burkert – two long-time BVFLS practitioners and NACVA instructors who have redefined the “working solo” business model by building their practices around their lives, not shoehorning their lives in around their practices. Mel is known for taking week-long, quarterly sabbaticals; Rod’s been traveling full time in an RV for almost 6 years now.

When I last visited with Mel and Rod, they were just rolling out their program. Fast-forward almost two years and PBA has seen 70+ members go through its online doors. Mel and Rod say their program works because it focuses on the marketing and positioning skills BVFLS professionals need to GET the work. The resources they’ve assembled can’t be found anywhere in the industry.

PBA is starting its third year of helping BVFLS professionals grow their practices. With two years’ experience under their belts, Mel and Rod recognized the need for a more streamlined curriculum for busy professionals seeking faster results. The result: Practice Builder Jumpstart™. (The original 12-month PBA program will still be offered to those practitioners wanting more intensive, longer-term training.)

Practice Builder Jumpstart™ will teach the cornerstone piece of content from each of the 3 Phases of Practice Prominence™ in short multiple lessons, and provide new tools and resources to quickly master the subjects. This will allow members to jumpstart their practices in just 6 weeks so that they can find better paying clients and create extra free time … faster.

If you’ve ever found yourself wondering what makes one person in this industry more successful than another AND why that person isn’t you, Mel and Rod will be presenting free practice building training on Thursday, January 28 at 2pm ET. If you’re interested in learning more, you can register for their live workshop here.

John Borrowman