3rd Quarter 2020 Introduction

“New normal” is the phrase on everyone’s lips. You’re beginning to find out what that means in the practice you are part of. Maybe you like what you see. Maybe you are taking a wait-and-see attitude. In either case, you need stay on top of your BV career. This newsletter is here to help you do that.

Everyone wants to be indispensable; to be the go-to person in the practice. But how do you do that without letting yourself by crushed by an onslaught of extra work? We talk with Bruce Tulgan, who addresses that issue in his latest book. We offer advice on responding to an interview question that seems to stump so many candidates. No matter how crazy (or not) things are, nearly everyone wants to know, “How’s the market?” We’ll give you some perspective. And finally, our video message takes an everyday concept (NPV) and applies it to your career.

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John Borrowman
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