4th Quarter 2021 Introduction

The market for BV talent continues to be frothy. Demand for services and the people to execute them is at an all-time high. More than ever, this newsletter has value for your BV career.

When opportunities are flying by in front of you and offers are landing in your Inbox, it’s easy to miss something. Your job change needs a second opinion. Pay is going up. That’s for sure. It’s also changing in ways you might want to watch out for. We explain. Confidence that your career is on the right track could be one of the best gifts to give yourself at this time of year. Our video message in this issue presents a contrarian view about making a job change at all.

We talk to BV professionals all over the country. Why aren’t we talking to you? Call or email us, in confidence.

Are there other topics you’d like to see covered? Would you like to contribute? Please let us know any time.

John Borrowman
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