2nd Quarter 2020 Introduction

No one could have predicted the crazy times we’re in. As crazy as they are, you can’t afford to lose sight of what’s important for your BV career. That’s why this newsletter is useful for so many in the profession.

Are your billable hours sloshing over from weekdays into weekends? You’re not alone. But have you thought about how and why that happens? When your path to growth is blocked, you might need to find a new path. We share some ideas about how to do that. These may be crazy times, but they’re also a good opportunity to think long-term about your career. We can help you do that. And finally, in our video message, we suggest that you really can—and maybe you should—walk away from an offer.

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Are there other topics you’d like to see covered? Would you like to contribute? Please let us know any time.

John Borrowman

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