4th Quarter 2020 Introduction

Change is the only constant in life. Many people have said it in one form or another, but you can trace it back to the Greek philosopher, Heraclitus. Maybe you finally got used to working from home and then told to come back into the office. Perhaps you came back into the office and then were re-assigned to work from home. As you cope with all that change, it’s easy to put your career on auto-pilot. That’s where this newsletter comes in.

Climbing the career ladder is trickier when you’re working from home. We offer some advice on navigating this new world. If you are considering a move to a new employer and need to consider your non-compete agreement, we show you a more reliable way to get the perspective you’re looking for. The shift to remote working is happening more rapidly in the BVFLS world. We share what you should know about how it can affect your career. Finally, our video message speaks to the importance of checking your career GPS.

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John Borrowman
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