Why wouldn’t your boss want you to advance as far and as fast as you can?

Video Transcript: I just can’t advance here

Maybe you’ve found yourself thinking it: I just can’t get ahead here. From time to time, I hear it from BV professionals I talk to. As usual, there is more to the story.

Hi, I’m John Borrowman. I have recruited exclusively in business valuation and litigation support for over two decades. That gives me a perspective you won’t find just anywhere else.

The drive toward getting ahead is baked into America’s business culture. So, when you hear someone talk about an employer setting up roadblocks to advancement, it’s easy to empathize. I would suggest a slightly more skeptical response.

It’s no secret that the demand for quality valuation talent continues to grow, nationwide. While employers are trying to attract talent, they have to get the most out of the staff they have. So, don’t you have to ask yourself: Why wouldn’t my boss want me to advance as far and as fast as I can?

If you’re picking up signals that you’re being passed over for assignments (and no one has actually sat down and talked with you about it), start with a look in the mirror. Have you made it clear that you want to take on more? When was the last time you asked to be able to handle a higher level of work?

Are you doing outside reading that helps you understand the work that you’re doing? Valuation thought develops over time, and it’s important to stay up to date. Every now and then, send an article to your boss with a quick note about what you picked up from reading it, or how it might apply to a recent project.

You might just need to request a face-to-face to learn about the obstacles to your advancement. Take that advice to heart. Management has every incentive for you to be successful. Pay attention. Do what they say.

It may be hard news to hear. But, when you’re not the one advancing, it probably has more to do with you than anyone else. On the other hand, if you really have made a serious effort and roadblocks remain, maybe it’s time for a dialogue about your next steps.

Everybody has questions, every now and then. Am I being paid fairly? Am I in the right place? When you have questions, I can help you find answers. Give me a call.