Calibrating Your Career

Sometimes it’s just good to know you’re on the right track and that you’re where you ought to be. It’s not knowing that can drive you nuts.

BV is a dynamic industry offering exceptional career opportunities. You want to get the most out of yours. We’re the place to start in making that assessment. We want to hear you talk about where you’ve been, what you’ve done and what gets you up in the morning. Our experience is that these are key elements in making sure you get a realistic assessment of what you face. In the end, more than one BV professional has discovered the grass wasn’t greener, after all.

Or, maybe you’ve already been thinking about a career change. There’s nowhere else you can get the breadth of understanding of your industry and how careers in it really work. We offer a confidential route to exploring opportunities for advancing your career. We’ll consult with you as you consider each one. We can help you understand the options available to you. The steps you’ll need to take. The expectations you should have.

Contact us now for what could be the most valuable conversation you’ve ever had about your BV career.

Careers and Your Career

Keeping Your Career Going

You’ve worked hard to get yourself where you are. And the future looks pretty good to you. Then, something intervenes to cause you to relocate. A spouse knocks a home run with a new job opportunity elsewhere. An elderly parent is needing more attention. Or, sometimes it’s just that you’ve always wanted to live in Whereversville.

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Hanging Out Your Shingle?

Others consider you an entrepreneur. You really can’t remember a time when you didn’t want your own business. Maybe you’ve even had one for awhile.

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