The best BV and Lit Support career opportunities  arrive unannounced

A knee-jerk response like “I’m not interested” could cost you that rare encounter.
When you get a call from us, it’s because our clients have retained us to reach out to you.

Here are the opportunities they have:


Mountain biking, music, breweries, and BV. A Partner (and CEO of this firm) is ready to be your mentor, to show you the ropes of business development so you grow into a leadership role in the practice. Live a relaxed lifestyle in an eclectic city in the heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains.


Manage a busy pipeline of PPA, impairment and stock comp engagements, and do it right where you are. Work with an entrepreneurial Partner who has doubled revenue in the last three years.


Perform complex financial analysis to solve real-world problems for your clients. Learn first-hand from C-suite executives and successful entrepreneurs. Surround yourself with professionals who are passionate about their work, and who value work/life balance.


Use this opportunity to lever yourself into the entrepreneurial role you deserve. Take any revenue you can bring, add it to this mix of tax planning and financial reporting engagements, and use the platform to build a practice in your market.

Los Angeles

If the focus of your work is too narrow and you want diversity, if you want to be in a place where people take your ideas seriously, if you want to produce to a high standard without sacrificing work/life balance, you should be here.


Work directly with experts on complex, litigated valuation cases that will let you expand and hone your skills. Join a firm where your passion for what you do is matched by the passion of everyone around you.

If you don’t see something that looks like your next move, contact us to talk about the move you would like to make.

How can I figure out if there’s someplace better for me?

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