The best BV and Lit Support career opportunities  arrive unannounced

A knee-jerk response like “I’m not interested” could cost you that rare encounter.
When you get a call from us, it’s because our clients have retained us to reach out to you.

Here are the opportunities they have:

Sr. Associate


How many rungs on the ladder before you get to real leadership? In this practice: one. A Partner (and CEO is ready to be your mentor, to show you the ropes of business development so you become the practice leader. Combine mountain biking, music, breweries, and BV. Live a relaxed lifestyle in the heart of the Blue Ridge mountains.



Be the firm SME on projects involving complex securities and intangible assets as part of valuation opinions and advisory services such as M&A, fairness opinions, and post-transaction lit support. Surround yourself with people who share your passion for quality work. Build your expertise working alongside Partners who walk the walk when it comes to mentoring and professional development.



Manage a business valuation team of appraisers and analysts for the premier valuation firm serving the small-business niche market. Focus on Production and Subject Matter Expertise, not on revenue generation. Be the key that unlocks growth for the firm and for your future. Feed your passion for the world of small business and entrepreneurs.

Sr. Analyst


Join a unique, totally virtual boutique practice where your passion for what you do is matched by the passion of everyone around you. In a Sr. Analyst role, work directly with experts on large, complex cases that let you expand and hone your skills. Operate remotely but collaboratively, with the option of developing your own book of business. Enjoy support for CPE and webinars instead of hearing “we don’t have time for that.”



This is the rarest of opportunities! Step in as the successor to one of the top-two family law experts in Nashville and lead a litigation valuation team with unusual depth of staff. Grow to be the choice of attorneys who handle divorce involving high-dollar value assets. Extend the service relationship beyond trial/settlement with trust and tax work, financial planning, and family-office capability under the firm’s umbrella.



Spread your arms wide to take in the diversity of work you will touch as a manager in the Chicago office of this national business valuation practice. Work in every industry, every sector. Come to work saying, “I’ve never done that, but that’s going to change today.” Get a strong skillset in a short period of time. Avoid big firm politics and red tape. Get the respect and work-life balance you deserve.



Join a Manhattan boutique that operates with an avid start-up culture. Oversee their exploding pipeline of services in tax, financial reporting, M&A, capital raise, transfer pricing, and more, coming from both the U.S. and UK. Let the charismatic President tackle revenue generation while you mind the shop. Lead a team that is both domestic and off-shored. Under the right set of circumstances, this role could be handled from outside NYC.

If you don’t see something that looks like your next move, contact us to talk about the move you would like to make.

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