Hanging Out Your Shingle

Others consider you an entrepreneur. You really can’t remember a time when you didn’t want your own business. Maybe you’ve even had one for awhile.

You know you have what it takes to be successful in a single-shingle shop. You’ve proved you can attract and manage referral sources. Your technical skills are way past questioning. You have the ability to get work in, and get it out the door. Making that leap can be tough, though. It’s easier if you’re jumping on a horse that’s already running in the race.

We can uncover and introduce senior level practitioners interested in having you come on board and transition into ownership. Our experience in guiding others through the process of investigating career opportunities is especially useful during your due diligence process. We can help you simply sort through the jumble of thoughts and concerns that always accompany such a decision.

Contact us now to begin our in-depth process of review and investigation.

Careers and Your Career

Calibrating Your Career

Sometimes it’s just nice to know you’re on the right track. You’re where you ought to be. It’s the not knowing that can drive you nuts.

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Keeping Your Career Going

You’ve worked hard to get yourself where you are. And the future looks pretty good to you. Then, something intervenes to cause you to relocate. A spouse knocks a home run with a new job opportunity elsewhere. An elderly parent is needing more attention. Or, sometimes it’s just that you’ve always wanted to live in Whereversville.

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