Balancing Your Practice

No one likes to lose that valuable employee. The top contributor at whatever level. It can happen, even in the best practices. In the meantime, you have product to deliver. You need to keep the customer satisfied. You need to keep the work flowing. You need to manage your own pipeline of work.

The Borrowman Baker BV Salary Survey gave us a unique view of how practices are structured and run. We’ll apply that knowledge so you make a better choice of talent to plug that gap. Talk to us about your special circumstances. We can help you craft answers and approaches to getting what you really need, not just replacing what you had.

Thousands of conversations with Practice Leaders like you mean we can bring a perspective that no one else can when it comes to helping you make the most cost-effective decisions for staffing your practice.

Contact us now to talk about solving your staffing needs.

Strengthening Your Practice

You’ve Felt Stretched Recently

You’ve felt stretched recently.
Is it finally time to add new talent?
You want the best, at the best price.

We’ll give you insight…


You’d like definite value out of those years of dedication, before turning out the lights and locking the door the last time. Could you possibly find someone interested in your practice?

We’ll give you the road map…