BV Candidate Assessment

Interview better. Hire smarter.

Candidates are on their best behavior when they interview. You need to look beyond that. Your job is to judge the candidate’s fit for your practice. This means interviewing for more than just work history. Candidates with no BV work history require special attention. You need a tool that helps you interview better and hire smarter by uncovering issues now that could be problems after start date.

The Borrowman Baker BV Candidate Assessment is the tool.

  • It’s the only talent analytics customized to the BV Profession.
  • It gives you actionable data about your candidate’s cognitive abilities, behavioral traits and interests.
  • It helps fill in the gap between the resume and the interview.

How it works.

Your candidate will complete a multiple-choice, online assessment. Most candidates set aside about an hour to complete the assessment. Some may need more time, while others require less.

What you get.

A Comprehensive Selection Report [Download Sample] will illustrate your candidate’s score as benchmarked against a range of scores for others at the same level in a BV/LS practice. The report provides interview questions that help you focus on your candidate’s challenge areas. Included with the questions are “listen for” tips about what to watch for in the candidate’s response.

We will schedule a phone consultation to walk you through the report and answer your questions.

For best results, use the assessment before your final interview.

How To Get Started…

Click the Registration link below to…

  • Provide candidate information required for the assessment.
  • Provide the candidate’s email address so an invitation can be sent directly to the candidate. The invitation includes a link to automatically log in to the assessment site.
  • Use the provided Job Level Descriptions to choose the level that matches your candidate. Your choice dictates the “benchmark” used to create the reports.
  • Select an assessment expiration date that fits your timing.

Registration payment and receiving your reports…

  • The Borrowman Baker BV Candidate Assessment costs $295 per candidate. The BV Candidate Assessment is included as a no-cost, value-add for clients who engage us to actively recruit candidates.
  • The candidate’s email invitation will be sent within 24 hours of your registration and payment.
  • You will receive your reports within 24 hours after the candidate completes the assessment. We will also contact you to schedule your telephone consultation.

I am greatly appreciative that I was able to work with John and I would 100% recommend him to anyone that wants to take that extra step with seeking out a recruiter. One of the best in the game!

Robert P.