Getting The Best – At The Best Price

Too many customers. The problem we’d all love to have. Maybe it has you wondering whether you can stretch your practice any thinner. It could be time to add some capacity.

We know you’re facing a tough call. Can you count on the upsurge in business to justify a bump in payroll? You’re not the only one with that question. Maybe you’ve been tapping the audit or tax department for a few hours each year. But, you really need someone who can carry a full-time load.

Every practice is different. Every practice’s needs are different. Like everyone else, though, you want the best you can get – at the best price. We’ll listen to you describe your practice and the challenges you face. Our perspective on the BV industry will make you better prepared to move your practice in the direction you want it to go.

We’ll be your connection to BV talent who meet your specs, and who would be interested in you. We won’t take your time with anyone else. We will be at your side throughout the interview process, helping you see a complete and reliable picture so you make an informed hiring choice. We are your advocate in compensation negotiation. We want you to get value for money.

Contact us now to talk about solving your staffing needs.

Strengthening Your Practice


Just lost a valuable employee? People do move on. You now need to fill the hole, while assuring yourself you’re taking the best advantage of the remaining talent. How do you balance the needs?

We’ll give you perspective…


You’d like definite value out of those years of dedication, before turning out the lights and locking the door the last time. Could you possibly find someone interested in your practice?

We’ll give you the road map…