Getting Full Value From Your Practice

You may have begun your career in a bigger company. Sooner or later, though, you found yourself with your own practice, or, maybe allied with like-minded practitioners who share your entrepreneurial ways. You’re enjoying your success and look forward to more. There will come a time, though, when you’ll want to stop.

Can you remember when the dreams you had about having your own BV practice became a reality? There are others out there who dream about the same thing. You could tap their energy to help you grow a little more. Their eventual ownership of that strengthened business could add to the pleasure of your retirement. Though we are primarily known for bringing our BV industry perspective to staffing issues, that same perspective is valuable in addressing issues of successorship. We can help you evaluate the strengths of your practice and offer guidance about how you might seek out and evaluate your successor. ‘Chemistry’ with that person will be a high priority. Our experience can make sure you don’t overlook those details that can make your due diligence more complete.

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Strengthening Your Practice

You’ve Felt Stretched Recently

You’ve felt stretched recently.
Is it finally time to add new talent?
You want the best, at the best price.

We’ll give you insight…


Just lost a valuable employee? People do move on. You now need to fill the hole, while assuring yourself you’re taking the best advantage of the remaining talent. How do you balance the needs?

We’ll give you perspective…