During our twenty years of experience, we’ve developed a process to identify and recruit the candidates you tell us you want to hire. Although our process is individualized for you and the opportunity you offer, there is a fundamental approach to how we do what we do.

  • Clarifying/Confirming the Need

  • Conducting the Search

  • Closing the Deal

1. Clarifying/Confirming the Need

In this phase we listen carefully to what you tell us about the need you have and the candidate that will be the best fit. We need to understand:

  • The job requirements and your wish list for the person to fill it
  • The roles and responsibilities associated with the position
  • Your parameters of compensation and benefits
  • The nuances of your culture and environment
  • What is it about your company that will attract candidates

2. Conducting the Search

During this phase, we activate our networks in search of the candidate that will meet your needs. We will offer feedback and market data which can sometimes affect the position parameters. We will:

  • Identify possible sources of candidates
  • Make a recruiting plan
  • Conduct name gathering (sourcing)
  • Profile potential candidates
  • Determine if the candidate is a good match for you, and
  • Determine if your firm is a good match for the candidate
  • Develop submittal information and present the candidate to you

3. Closing the Deal

This phase requires the most trust in the idea that we want the placement to happen only as long as it is in everyone’s best interest. We will:

  • Prep both you and the candidate so you have a productive interview
  • Debrief both you and the candidate to make sure that both parties have the best information from which to make a decision
  • Check references when requested
  • Consult with you to formulate and extend a winning offer
  • Close the offer with both sides, arrange acceptance and schedule start date
  • Prep the candidate for a resignation that pre-empts counter-offers

What would it take to get a successor in place?