Join a unique, totally virtual boutique practice where your passion for what you do is matched by the passion of everyone around you. In a Senior Analyst role, work directly with experts on large, complex cases that let you expand and hone your skills. Operate remotely but collaboratively, with the option of developing your own book of business. Enjoy support for CPE and webinars instead of hearing “we don’t have time for that.”

Focus on litigated business valuation, specifically involving equitable distribution of an otherwise separate asset in a divorce proceeding. Handle sophisticated analysis using multiple dates of value over timeframes that can stretch thirty years. Firm management is fully transparent about three, five and ten-year plans for growth, and your part in those plans. NOTE: As a Sr. Analyst, you are two levels below Partner. Unlike more rigidly hierarchical practices, your job title will not dictate your level of responsibility and autonomy.

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