If you’re a BV professional in today’s world, you may find yourself flooded with calls from recruiters, posing as experts, who want your time, your attention, and your resume.  We suggest you ask them whether they’ve worked exclusively in your field for eleven years. (We have.)  Whether they attend valuation conferences in order to network and stay abreast of industry trends.  (We do.)  Whether they’ve conducted two successful BV employee compensation studies that provide reliable information on salaries for professionals like you.  (We have.) 

This is the only publication aimed specifically at professionals in the BV industry.  And we are the only firm offering the depth and breadth of information and perspective that we do about your chosen career.

In this issue, we focus on succeeding where you are by not passing the buck when it comes to accountability for your own satisfaction.  We offer interview coaching in the form of questions you should be asking.  If you’ve already decided to make a move, you’ll benefit from the advice about what to do when it’s time to tell the boss good-by. 

John Borrowman