We have just returned from talking with practice leaders at two of business valuation’s key conferences. There seems to be no doubt that business is back, and firms are expanding. Demand for experienced professionals is strong.

You might have noticed that from the attention you’re getting from recruiters. They don’t all share your ethics, though. Check out our article about resume sleight of hand. The closer we get to bonus time, the more it becomes a topic of water-cooler conversation. We discuss it, too. If you’re interviewing, don’t just get an offer and try to make it better. Get a better offer to begin with! We show you how. And before you tell yourself you’re leaving for more opportunity, try our advice for finding opportunity where you are.

We talk to BV professionals all over the country. Why aren’t we talking to you? Call us, in confidence.

If there are topics you’d like to see covered, or if you’d like to contribute, please do let us know.

John Borrowman